Cheesecakes, Clay, Art and Barks - The Clopen Effect

Episode 28

Cheesecakes, Clay, Art and Barks

Jess and the review episode are here! Here are the businesses mentioned in this week's episode:

  • KT's Cheesecakes DBA:
  • (mentioned) The Sugar Circle in Woodstock, IL, Cullom Knoll in Ringwood, IL, After the Fox in McHenry, IL
  • Skidbarks Dog Toys:
  • Growing Vibes:
  • Clayamore Jewelry:
  • Shannon Abbey Art:
  • Belinda McB: NestEggFarm.Shop
  • Hickory Hill Foods, LLC:
  • @ThePenisShop on Etsy
  • PrincessKittyCrafts: @keyblademasterkitty on Etsy
  • Our guest: @queenpeeve

We are not affiliated with these businesses and hold no responsibility for any transactions.

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