Episode 112

Published on:

12th May 2023

Ed's Plants are Better than Brooklyn's Bagels

Nikki is here! We talk e-commerce, Amazon, Ed's plant shop AND Meredith surprises Cass and Nikki with a plant quiz from amexessetionals.com

Companies mentioned on this week's episode:

Ed's Plant Shop - https://edsplantshop.com/ - Use code BAGELTIME10 to receive 10% off your total order.

Elevate Brands:

Sassy Cups - https://tinyurl.com/SassyCups

Elixir Glassware - https://tinyurl.com/ElixirGlassware

Sari Foods (Nutritional Yeast) - https://sarifoods.co/

Feminique (Breast Forms) - https://feminiquestore.com/

Garden Republic (the bonsai!) - www.shopgardenrepublic.com

Tough Outdoors (the Jogging Mittens and outdoor gear) -  https://tinyurl.com/toughoutfitters

The Cat Ladies: www.thecatladies.com

Encha (matcha): www.encha.com

All the links: https://linktr.ee/theclopeneffect

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