Episode 49

Let's (NOT) Get It On

We're back! Meredith won some money on a lottery ticket, Cass is on Keto, the Kevie special, purse tacos, Meredith cannot make decisions, the furniture salesman, the Goodfellas scene, there are weirdos everywhere, the large trucking company and seeing some weird stuff, the chef story, Cass should fake fall when the guy brushes past her, Cass isn't bothered and has learned not to overact, break the cycle, be open with your kids, don't be afraid to talk about it, the Western Union weird guy, Unfortunately HR did not help us (our own opinions), Cass yelled at Johnny during a recording, Cass and friend gossip about Meredith when she's not around, everyone needs their space, breakfast times, prepping Diesel's meals, TEF/EA month, Instacart shoppers, poop story, manicures and pedicures, the crying maid of honor, weddings, don't be the quiet one, get it in writing, the finance guy, have we really changed that much, religion, Meredith has a driving story, Meredith forgot to surprise Cass with a quiz

This episode talks about sexual harassment. If you are the victim of sexual harassment, talk to your manager or HR department immediately. Document everything. Wikipedia states Sexual harassment is a type of harassment involving the use of explicit or implicit sexual overtones, including the unwelcome and inappropriate promises of rewards in exchange for sexual favors. Sexual harassment includes a range of actions from verbal transgressions to sexual abuse or assault. Harassment can occur in many different social settings such as the workplace, the home, school, churches, etc. Harassers or victims may be of any sex or gender.

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