More Highlights! - The Clopen Effect


More highlights!

Bonus episode! We have had so many great stories and guests, we just wanted to share a few: pizza thief, customers pooping all over the bathroom, missing product, wrong tags, phone and lotion shenanigans, self scan settings, personal shoppers and avocados, courtesy flushes, weight loss challenges, Cassandra's mom swiped credit cards, no limes, I work in Pharmacy, have you ever been to Home Depot?, baby's first tattoo, the beeper & the cashier, buy one get one free, customer's posing for pictures, Drew still has all his digits, picking on the third shift guy, Roxy's tired, RUN, the tag swapper, hammerschlagened, we're here to kill time, cupcake containers, spelling words while on the phone, deli ordering, wash your mushrooms, only fast in groceries

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